[Journal] ITB Journal of Engineering Science ITB Journal, Vol. 43B No. 2, 2011

ITB Journal of Engineering Science, ISSN: 1978-3051, an original research articles related to the application of physical, biological, chemical and mathematical sciences in engineering problems. Subject areas include aerospace engineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering, civil engineering, earth science, electrical engineering, engineering physics, environmental engineering, fluid dynamics, information engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, manufacturing processes, microelectronics and petroleum engineering.


  1. Sorption and Degradation Capacity of Natural Estrogens in Freshwater Environmental System in Japan, Reni Desmiarti, Fusheng Li
  2. Preliminary Evaluation of a Base-Extraction Gamma-Al2O3 Synthesis Route from Indonesian Kaolin, Tjokorde Walmiki Samadhi, Subagjo, Kevin R. Lismana, Khasin Fuadi
  3. An LMI Approach to H∞ Performance Analysis of Continous-Time System with Two Additive Time-Varying Delays, Wrastawa Ridwan, Riyanto T. Bambang
  4. A New Voltage Control Method for Single-Phase PWM Inverters, Pekik Argo Dahono, Een Taryana
  5. Combination of minimum-maximum (m-m) attribute and zero-INTENS-difference (m-i-d) attribute for estimating below-tuning layer thickness, Eko Purnomo, Zuhar Zahir Tuan Harith
  6. Autonomous Coastal Land Cover Assessment Using Polarimetric Decomposition of SAR Data, Bambang Trisasongko

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