[Journal] IJPPP Volume 3 Number 1; 1-70; 2011

International Journal of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology (IJPPP) (ISSN: 1944-8171), is an open access online journal. It is founded by a group of academic medical scientists around the world, who are devoted to our understanding and advancement of human physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology.


  1. Giuseppe Pignataro, Ornella Cuomo, Elga Esposito, Rossana Sirabell, Gianfranco Di Renzo, Lucio Annunziato: ASIC1a contributes to neuroprotection elicited by ischemic preconditioning and postconditioning.
  2. James J. Bae, Yun-Yan Xiang, Alonso Martinez-Canabal, Paul W. Frankland, Burton B. Yang, Wei-Yang Lu: Increased transforming growth factor-β1 modulates glutamate receptor expression in the hippocampus.
  3. Yingxin Ma, Heyu Chen,  Weiliang Xia, Weihai Ying: Oxidative stress and PARP activation mediate NADH treatment-induced decreases in C6 glioma cell survival.
  4. Ivy Wen Jia Teong, Amy An Ru Ko, Minghao Li, Klaus Heese, Willmann Liang: Gastrodia elata decreases isoprenaline potency and enhances spontaneous phasic activity in the rat detrusor.
  5. Tobias Engel, Clara K. Schindler, Amaya Sanz-Rodriguez, Robert Meller, Roger P. Simon, David C. Henshall: Expression of neurogenesis genes in human temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis.
  6. P. M. Abdul Muneer, Saleena Alikunju, Adam M. Szlachetka, Aaron Mercer, James Haorah: Ethanol impairs glucose uptake by human astrocytes and neurons: protective effects of acetyl-L-carnitine.
  7. Claudia Savoia, Maria Josè Sisalli, Gianfranco Di Renzo, Lucio Annunziato, Antonella Scorziello: Rosuvastatin-induced neuroprotection in cortical neurons exposed to OGD/reoxygenation is due to nitric oxide inhibition and ERK1/2 pathway activation.
  8. Hui Nie, Heyu Chen, Jin Han, Yunyi Hong, Yingxin Ma, Weiliang Xia, Weihai Ying: Silencing of SIRT2 induces cell death and a decrease in the intracellular ATP level of PC12 cells.

[IJPPP Volume 3 Number 1; 1-70; 2011]