[Journal] American Journal of Blood Research, Volume 2, Number 1:1-85; 2012

[Journal] American Journal of Blood Research, Volume 2, Number 1:1-85; 2012

The American Journal of Blood Research (AJBR) (ISSN: 2160-1992), is a peer-reviewed open access, online only journal to facilitate rapid publication and circulation of novel discoveries in basic and clinical sciences for blood and blood diseases including, but not limited to leukemia, lymphoma, anemia, hematology and blood oncology.  It was founded by a group of scientists for blood research and clinical academic physicians from around the world, who are devoted to the promotion and advancement of our understanding of the blood diseases and their treatments.


  1. Matthew Oberley, Deng-Shun Wang, David Yang: Vav1 in hematologic neoplasms, a mini review.
  2. Vaishali Sanchorawala: Role of high-dose melphalan and autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in AL amyloidosis.
  3. Fabrizio Marcucci, Enea Spada, Alfonso Mele, Carmelo Antonio Caserta, Alessandro Pulsoni: The association of hepatitis B virus infection with B-cell non-hodgkin lymphoma – a review.
  4. Seah H Lim, Yana Zhang, Jian Zhang: Cancer-Testis antigens: the current status on antigen regulation and potential clinical use.
  5. Yan Yu, Min Xie, Rui Kang, Kristen M. Livesey, Lizhi Cao, Daolin Tang: HMGB1 is a therapeutic target for leukemia.
  6. Jean-Baptiste Demoulin, Carmen P. Montano-Almendras: Platelet-derived growth factors and their receptors in normal and malignant hematopoiesis.
  7. Katja Fiedler, Cornelia Brunner: The role of transcription factors in the guidance of granulopoiesis.
  8. Howard Mutsando, Magid Fahim, Devinder S Gill, Carmel M Hawley, David W Johnson, Maher K Gandhi, Paula V Marlton, Helen G Mar Fan, Peter N Mollee: High dose methotrexate and extended hours high-flux hemodialysis for the treatment of primary central nervous system lymphoma in a patient with end stage renal disease.
  9. Alice Liu, William W. Qu, Xia Liu, Cheng-Kui Qu: Chromosomal instability in in vitro cultured mouse hematopoietic cells associated with oxidative stress.
  10. Yu Yu, Jing Yu, Cristina Iclozan, Kane Kaosaard, Claudio Anasetti, Xue-Zhong Yu: Bim is required for T-cell allogeneic responses and graft-versus-host disease in vivo.

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